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Is this a Great Time for CRM or What??

Automating partner engagements bring their own challenges. How will partners access business data? How can we make sure Partners have access to data that is only relevant for them? Can we provide our partners some authorization so that we can off-load some administrative tasks but make sure their authorization domain […]

Future Of CRM -internet Of Things

According to Gartner, The main drivers behind the hot topics in CRM — cloud, social, mobile and big data — are being joined by a fifth driver: the Internet of Things, where sensors connecting things to the Internet create new services previously not thought of.

How to become and SAP Consultant? – Book review

When you start off on an IT career, one of the choices among many is a career as a SAP Application Consultant . If you are visiting this blog, it is very likely that you are either an aspiring SAP consultant with an interest in “How to be a good SAP […]

SAP Mobile Applications – Infograph

As Mobile technologies become ubiquitous, SAP has a planned program to develop mobile applications for Business users for all of their application suites. Here is a snapshot of the development efforts at the beginning of 2013. All data is collated from SAP store.(https://store.sap.com/sap/cpa/ui/resources/store/html/StoreFront.html)

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Cloud Computing – Service Models

There are three service Models with regards to organization subscriptions from the cloud. These are all the combination of Infrastructure,  Computing Platform or the variations in  Software Application Services. These are IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service Paas – Platform as a Service Saas – Software as a Service Related Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcX8S8ts91k

How Alerts work in SAP CRM? – Part 1

  Responding to a Business Critical situation is important. However, it is also important to know about a critical situation as soon as it arises in a system.   Alert Functions in SAP CRM can monitor for a pre-defined Critical situation as they occur in system and send intimation to […]

Cloud Computing – Deployment Models

There are several ways in which Cloud Services can be deployed by an organization. Varying Security and Control  over the data give rise to these different methods Private Cloud Community Cloud Public Cloud Then there is a Hybrid Model. An organization can go for this model so that a good […]

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B2B Order Management on iPad -Concept_1

The big idea here is to get a Zen type, Google-Homepage simplicity to B2B Order Management. My discussions with many a Sales Managers has highlighted the fact that Sales Persons in feild do not like too many clicks Sales Persons do not want too many fields that need to be […]

What is Cloud Computing 2.0?

  With Web2.0, the static web added Social applications. Cloud Computing itself evolved with various models. IaaS,Paas and SaaS.  While this hype about different cloud models is settling down, many silicon valley start-ups are gearing up

What is Cloud Computing?

We access web Pages stored in remote servers through the internet. Why don’t we extend this paradigm further and access The applications that we need to run, Operating systems that we want, and Computing capacity from the servers that can be hired and used when we need without having to […]

How SAP HiTech Channel Management Works?

  What is Channel Management? Process by which a marketer ensures the effectiveness of its middlemen in terms of product knowledge, sales volume and profitability, Marketers must provide the middlemen with tools they need to promote and sell effectively as well as adequate incentives to do so The middleman is […]